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Meet the Maker

“From a young age, I developed a love for candles and as time went on, I became drawn to the mesmerising influence of fragrance. After exploring countless scents over the years, I wanted something truly special and captivating. Not only a better scent, but a jar that makes a statement – one that would stand out amidst the crowd. This inspired me to embark on the journey of crafting my own candles whilst on maternity leave. Many months of unwavering commitment, thorough research, countless trials and persistent efforts have culminated in our exquisite collection being created. Now I invite you to experience the wonder of our range and create your own memorable moments."

Our gold and black metallic vessels are objects of beauty with a design aesthetic that is minimal, timeless and luxurious - three concepts that balance perfectly. I aspired to create more than ‘just’ a candle, I wanted to design an accent piece that would bring sophistication and elegance to the home. The home is a sanctuary; a place for rest, a place to make fond memories. Peoples' homes tell a story. We want to be part of that story.”


Our gift box isn't just about holding a candle; it's about enhancing the entire gifting experience. It is designed to make the recipient feel valued and appreciated, creating a lasting impression that goes beyond the moment the candle is lit. The black and gold colours were chosen for our range as they convey a sense of exclusivity and timelessness.